Does Your Dog Need A Dog Hoodie?

Dogs are already adorable as they are, but with a dog hoodie, your precious fur-ball can look ten times cuter! Hoodies and sweaters for pets come in different styles and the cutest colors so it’s quite easy to find yourself in a shopping spree. But as a dog parent, owner, or guardian, you should know only when to put it on your dog.

You’ll find different opinions as to whether or not dogs should wear a dog hoodie. For one thing, a dog’s coat is already designed to protect them from the elements. Most dogs can adjust their fur to adapt to hot or cold temperature. But not all dog breeds are even born with a coat, or have it thick enough to keep them warm in colder weather; short-haired breeds like the Chihuahuas and French Bulldogs, and hairless breeds such as the Chinese Crested and American Hairless Terrier for instance.

That being said, there’s no reason your pup can’t have a dog hoodie of his or her own. It’s only important that you know when your furball might need it and should put one on. Keep an eye out in case your dog shows any sign of discomfort. Opt for zipper-less and button-less hoodies, too. Preferably, one that is waterproof to best protect your furball from the cold.

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