A Nice Soft Sided Dog Crate Gives My Dog A Great View

Taking my dog with me on vacation or out for a day at the park is nice and I love to have him with me whenever I can. I have a golden retriever and my dog is so loyal and that is why I love golden retrievers so much. They are great dogs to have and they really are with you for your everyday life’s ups and downs.

The dog crate that I got for my dog has been perfect for keeping him safe and secure when we are traveling together. I took him on a lovely little weekend vacation to the Oregon coast recently and the crate came in handy. My dog is a puppy and he is not that heavy yet, so taking him somewhere in the crate is easy.

When we were at the Oregon coast, we enjoyed having the dog with us. We rented a nice house right on the beach and we had such an amazing view of the ocean. The soft sided dog crate was nice when we were trying to find the house after we parked the car, and when we needed to keep the dog secure on the beach itself. The crate has been very helpful for outdoor adventures with the dog.

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